i have the tattoo itch

i can feel it, it is almost time for me to get a new tattoo. i have in my head what i think i want that diamond with cats in each facet [as pictured above] on the inside of my elbow. the boyfriend says it is a horrible idea, but i have been wanting this one for over a year so how much more thought do i really need to put into it?

apparently my brother is starting a tattoo apprenticeship... i have never been a fan of his tattoos, but perhaps after he gets some training i would make him my go-to tattoo guy.

more tattoo lovins for you guys:

model bambi northwood-blyth has an adorable little bambi tattoo on her wrist, how appropriate.

i love swampy tattoos

i have 1985 on the back of my neck so this one is near and dear to my heart, and my brother has a matching one that says 1988

lindsay lohan's "la bella vita" tattoo, italian for "the beautiful life", photo by ellen von unwerth

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