tilt | things i love thursday

the works of amazing artist camille rose garcia:

tempura chicken maki from sake house and cucumber rolls from sushi factory, i had every intention of taking pictures of it, but as soon as i opened the box i gobbled it all up without a thought of pulling out my camera. i could easily eat sushi every single day.

free coffee. either i look so bad that the guy in au bon pain thinks it is a public service to give me a free cup of coffee the last few times i have gone in there or maybe he thinks i'm cute. either way, yay for free hazelnut coffee!

indian food. now this was the real shocker for me because i have always refused to try it. i was convinced by a friend of mine to try it on sunday and i LOVED it. we went to india garden. i had chicken tikka marsala and vegetable samosas and they were SO good, i'm a total convert, i'm sorry about all the smack that i ever talked about indian food without trying it.

photo adventures. the day that we went and had indian food we also went on a mini photo adventure. it was aimless since the skies were grey, but we found an amazing abandoned house and a couple of cows with amazingly long horns. of course all of my photos were taken on film so i can't share them right now.


  1. I'm sure you get the free hazelnut coffee because he thinks you're cute!

  2. I'm venturing out for my first taste of Indian food next week, so I'm glad to hear a good review :D

  3. Oh I love Indian food! Samosas are soooo good. As many as I have had from restaurants, my favorites are actually the ones in the Deli at Whole Foods. And what could be better than free coffee?

  4. Mmmmmm, samosas! So flippin' delicious. I love tikka masala too. Thanks for the comment. I love connecting with other bloggers! :)