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summer, warm weather and sun in general. when will it stop raining? i feel like i'm bursting at the seams with inspiration lately only to have it melt away in the rain like sugar.

the sweet old ladies in this tim walker photo... i can't dye my hair crazy colors because of my job so one day when i'm old and my hair is white or grey anyways and i have nothing to lose, blamo finally i get the lavender hair i've been dying to have for ages now!

pretty much anything that is chevron print

this quote i found about karl lagerfeld forever ago that still amuses me ever so much:
i have this idea that karl lagerfeld is covered in a layer of soft, grey powder, like a moth. and it’s this powder that keeps him alive. and so that’s why he’s always dressed in those high-collared shirts and leather gloves. it’s to keep his powder safe.

i also have this theory that he hasn’t actually pooed since the early 80s. instead, i think he passes little satchels of dust, which come out once a day, already tied up in antique venetian lace ribbons. and he keeps them all in a special room in his basement - a dimly lit chamber with all the little dust bundles lined up on shelves in chronological order. i believe it to be one of the most heavily-guarded rooms in the world. to be granted access inside is virtually impossible to anyone outside the most upper elite of society. it’s paisley park’s secret inner sanctum, the bunker in bohemian grove where 9/11 was planned, then largerfeld’s poo-dust satchel museum. in that order. [via]

flashbacks to yesteryear... and an apparently there was a psychological reason that i was so in love with justin timberlake. his hair was made of ramen noodles, my life force.

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eagles of death metal


  1. LOL. Love the old ladies and the JT hair!

    ♥ sécia

  2. That has to be the thing I cannot wait to do when I'm an old lady xD

  3. Wonderful post! I totally agree with your sentiments ...


  4. P.S. That Shakespeare sonnet quote you have is one my favorite sonnets of all time!