photographer feature: teresa q

this last one is a self portrait in case you were wondering what the beautiful woman behind the camera looks like...
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How old are you?
I'm 23 years old.

Where are you originally from?
Planet Earth, but I like to travel. :)

Did something or someone in particular spark your interest in photography? How did you get started?
There was nothing in particular. I know it sounds pretty uninteresting, but it's true. I started by playing around doing fashion photoshoots of a friend of mine, basically. We both liked it so, we would play dress up and I would take pictures of her and she would take pictures of me. It was really fun, actually. Girls will be girls! ahaha And it just went on from there, really.

Who are some photographers that you like that inspire you?
Well, there are many and they are constantly changing depending on my current interests. Right now, I think: Aëla Labbé, Vins Baratta, Alison Scarpulla, Violaidi, Matt Hill, Anna Inghardt, Hui+, Ann H. - ugh, many many many....

Do you have/are you working on a degree in photography or are you self taught?
I'm self taught.

Is photography your career? If not do you plan on turning it into your career some day?
It isn't my career but, of course, I would love to work in photography, just not shooting weddings or door knobs... ahaha. Anything that would allow me being creative and still being me would be wonderful, though.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?
People - honest and quirky people... maybe some dishonest ones too. :)

Where do you find and how do you instruct your models?
My models are usually friends. Since I'm an actress, most of them are actresses as well. How do I instruct them... well, most of the times I really strive for them to give me something real. I ask them to focus on an emotion or to imagine a certain situation, and usually I just tell them to keep moving so that I can photograph moments. I really do love emotive portraits - when you can feel something looking at it, when you can relate to the mood of it, that's what I love. And if I can make it beautiful, feminine and whimsical... I will.

What type of acting do you do?
I'm a theater actress mainly, although I've done some short films aswell.

What inspires you?
Everything inspires me. I can be inspired by a story, a person, a quote, a song, a mood, an emotion, a piece of clothing, a good hair day... anything really. The usual common factor, though, is light. I love light and there is nothing like sunbeams shining through. It's just... magic.

What kind of camera do you use? Do you dabble with different types or stick to one old faithful camera?
I use my analog camera as much as I can - everytime I have the money, that's another way to put it. :) It is a Zenit-11. For everything else I use my Canon 400D... For now, at least, I don't think I'm settling on these two.

Do you have any advice for someone who is aspiring to become a photographer?
Yeah... Have fun!

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  1. Great photos! It's like your getting a secret glimpse into their lives! And how lucky is she to have so many friends that are willing models! Wish my friends were a bit more cooperative ;o)

  2. Thats Teresa :)
    She is a talent!
    She is a lovely human being with an extraordinary sense of beauty and she has the talent to show us that beauty in her pictures.
    Whatever life brings you, Teresa, please hold your camera!