chaque semaine: welcome!

alright, not sure if i mentioned this before or not, but karly and i have started a 52(+) week project. each week there will be a theme that we shoot for and then we will post them to the blog we just created:
chaque semaine: welcome!: Welcome to chaque semaine , a weekly photoblog by Holly and Karly. Inspired by the work over at Words to Shoot By and other theme projects,...
right now we just have the intro post done because like a genius i decided to shoot film so even though we started taking photos back on october 1 i don't have my film back yet for the first week... make sure you bookmark it/start following it on bloglovin if you use their site!

the header image is not my photo of the week [even though the theme of the week is party], but is actually day 3 of my 365. hopefully i'll stick with it this time, i won't bore you all and post all the photos here, but to the right there's a little flickr widget so you can keep an eye on that if you are interested.

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