flickr favorites

(by Jovan Todorovic)
emma (by jackie luo.)
molly (by rebekah.campbell)
(by karly.p)

i've been struggling for content on this blog in case you didn't notice.  i've been really busy with my own photography [finally] and have rarely been posting, ugh, i feel like i say it in ever post...  so considering the increased amount of time i've spent admiring other photographers work on flickr, i'm going to start doing a weekly/bi-weekly post with some of my favorite photos that i found on flickr.  if you like the photos, please go let the photographers know!

if you want to see your work here, feel free to submit to the penny-laine flickr group and i'll take a look!  and i'm always looking for photographer features, only about 1/3 of the people ask personally respond so please fill out this survey to be considered.


  1. Eeee...so honored to be in this inaugural post! Can't wait for more posts like this...love the ones you found (especially the sparkler one)

  2. I miss your tat-tuesdays! More please... ;)

    ♥ sécia