paint and poppies... i have seen a few of these recently where there is a basic black tattoo with water-color-like paint around/over it.  makes me want to add on something similar to my black dandelion tattoo! [via]

floral and foxy [via]

"put a bird on it" [via]

some model... i don't know who or what it says, but it is cute.  and so are the clothes.  do any of you know who the designer is?  who the model is?  what the tattoo says?  [via]

i had a request in the comment section of my last post from secia to bring back tat-tuesday so here's a post for ya!

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  1. YAY! I love your tat-tuesday posts. Loving that black and red flower and the fox is super cute. :)

    ♥ sécia