tat-tuesday | watercolor tattoos

watercolor bird and cloud tattoo by amanda wachob
red watercolor poppy tattoo [via]
birds and brushstrokes
"This is a memorial tattoo for my grandpa. I first got the doves on 2/14 because he passed away on valentines day 7 years ago. The doves are based off of his favorite hymn “I’ll fly away.” I chose doves because it’s a very biblical bird and my grandpa was one of the heavy influences of my faith. Doves are referenced from the book of Matthew when Jesus is getting baptized and the Spirit comes down as a dove. The paintbrush strokes represent my grandpa’s job as a painter for most of his life.
(doves by Scott Sketo/ paintbrush strokes by Scott Parsons both from Enigma Studio in Richmond, VA)" [via]
yellow finch watercolor tattoo [via]
hummingbird watercolor tattoo by ondrash znojmo tattoo [via]
for the love of music watercolor tattoo [via]

watercolor eyes [via]

watercolor pirate ship [via]

watercolor rain/umrella tattoo [via]


  1. Totally in love with that last one!

    ♥ sécia

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