photographer feature: esben bog

Esben Bøg - Jensen



Denmark, Copenhagen

Who or what sparked your interest in photography?
A friend of mine was really into the whole technical aspect of photography. Always talking about how sharp he could get a picture with this lens or how much he could zoom with that lens. He spend a ton of money on the best camera and lenses. I kinda wanted to show him that it wasn't about all that stuff. I can be a tech-geek at times, but I believe photography is never limited by the equipment you use. So I started shooting photographs to show him that you can do great work with nothing but the basics.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?
There are so many. I don't even know where to start. I've always been a great fan of Aaron Feaver [photographer feature], Tamara Lichtenstein, Greg Williams, Lauri Bartley and Signe Vildstrup. And so many more...

Do you have any formal education in photography or are you self taught?
I'm self taught.

Is photography your career?
No. It's just for fun right now, but I am doing small assignments now and then. But not enough to be able to call it a career.

Are you currently working on any photography projects?
Not really. I'm very spontaneous so something might just come to mind and I'll shoot if I have the time. But I guess that I'm always working on a couple of ideas that I wanna bring to life.

If you won a $400 million lottery how would you use it?
I would probably buy a flat, a new Macbook, a Canon 5D Mark II and travel the world some more. Wouldn't know what to do with the rest of the money.

What is your favorite thing to photograph and why?
People. Everyone has something in them worth taking a picture of. The uniqueness never ends when your shooting different people.

Where do you find and how do you instruct your models?
I find models amongst my friends. And I rarely do anything else but tell them where to stand. I should be better at that though...

Do you listen to music while you shoot? If so, what is on your photo shoot play list?
Not unless there are speakers close to where I shoot. I'm highly addicted to music though and is rarely seen without my headphones.

What kind of camera(s) do you use? What is your "go to" lens? Do you have a preferred brand/type of film?
My favorite camera is my Hasselblad 500 CM - such a great machine. I also use a Bessa R3A, a Canon Ae-1 and the small Yashica T3 for film. But the one I use the most is probably my old Canon 450D with a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens. If that's not on I'm using a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. That's actually the only two lenses I have for my Canon.

What do you do when you are feeling uninspired?
Listen to music, go through blogs or watch a film.

Future photography goals?
Do more schedule shoots and series - with a cool model and a great location. Right now my flickr is a mess consisting mostly of stuff from the archives.

What does your work flow consist of?
A lot of shooting and a lot of computing - whenever it be editing of scanning negatives.

Three interesting facts about yourself?
I'm studying Modern Culture and is currently working as an intern at a cool place called Artrebels. But i don't really think my life is that interesting to anybody else than myself.

What, if anything, do you do to promote your photography? Approximately how much time do you spend per day/week on promoting your photography online?
I post a photo to flickr put it in a few groups and tweet it. Takes about 2 minutes.

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