me, me, me

so since this is my 300th post on this blog i thought i'd make it all about me and post some of my own pictures.

f.name m.name: holly anne
height: 4'11 (ish, maybe i've grown a little since high school, but that's the last time anyone officially measured me)
shoe size: 5.5-6
a/s/l: 26/female/blacksburg, va
tattoos: 5 so far (c) 1985, a tramp stamp of the immaculate heart with swallows, a black and white dandelion, bubble wand w/ bubbles, and a pink dinosaur.  maybe when karly comes to bburg i'll finally get some photo documentation of these alleged tattoos.
relationship status: taken and we have a baby (toddler actually)
turnons: cut lines, tattoos, artistic abilities, nerdy style
turnoffs: frat boys (cocky d-bags in general, but i live in a college town so that's why i'm picking on frat boys specifically)
favorite movie: anything that judd apatow has made
what i want to be when i get older: a photographer, duh.  i'd love to do editorial work for nylon magazine or shoot magazine spreads for urban outfitters or free people
my biggest pet peeve: people who feel entitled and think they are the most special snowflake in the world.  you are no better than anyone else, pop, there goes your bubble.
my idea of a perfect date: picnic, climbing trees, ice cream, and a funny movie
where i would like to live: anywhere but here, for really though, i've always thought myself to be more of a west coast personality than an east coast personality.  maybe one day i'll move to cali.
one of my insecurities: writing anything without using a pseudonym, writing is a true window into someones heart, soul, and mind so someone reading anything that i write makes me feel very vulnerable which is why you don't see many text posts from me anywhere even though i do a lot of writing elsewhere under fake names.
my childhood career choice: computer engineer.  don't ask me what happened to that, crazy kid.
last thing i ate: a jalapeno cheddar bagel with garden veggie cream cheese from abp
three random facts: (not that all of these things weren't random facts)
  • i love gardening/plants and started my first garden plant of the year on monday...  last freeze for this year is april 6 so i can start my seedlings
  • i have a deep rooted desire to be a dirty hippy
  • blood freaks me out so much that sometimes i cringe when i think about the fact that it is running through my veins
wish list: a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket, health/wealth/happiness, all of these things

did i leave anything out? any questions for me?

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  1. You're so talented and I adore you! Now show me those tattoos! Happy 3hundo.

    ♥ sécia