road trip

(by the black swan archives)

Heather (by Derek Wood Photography)

i've always wanted to drive across the country on a road trip with no definite end date, just drive, come and go as i please, no need for maps or directions, just go where the wind blows. 

it hardly seems like a tangible idea now that i have a child, if i'm going to try it i guess i would need to do that before he turns 5 and starts school.  stupid economy, why does gas (and everything else) have to be so damn expensive.


  1. That first photo is brilliant.

    ♥ sécia

  2. This post is gorgeous. I always have wanderlust when I look at photos like these but I hate being in transit so much that the thought of being in the car that long makes me crazy. But, there sure would be the opportunity for plenty of scenic photos...