pinterest inspiration: nails

splatter paint nails [via]
baby blue nautical themed nails [via]
lady and the tramp manicure [via]
neon lime green essie [via] which i've been searching for like crazy and it almost looks like essie doesn't make this color anymore :( boo
pink and red ombre heart nails [via]
northern lights celestial nails [via]

green ombre chevron nails [via]

being that i spent years working in a pizza place, i've never been big on having my nails painted.  even after i quit and moved on to having a real "adult job" i still just rarely take the time to do it.  that doesn't, however, stop me from drooling over gorgeous nail art on pinterest.  these are some of my absolute faves that i have been obsessing over so bad that i might have to break down and get a mani-pedi.


  1. Oh I love these. Especially that last one!

  2. Essie does not make the neon lime green polish anymore. I just went on their website & found nothing :( ive been looking for that color too :(