pen pals

i used to have a pen pal back when i was 10. she lived in montana and her name was carmen. she painted her envelopes with fingernail polish and i don't remember how we lost touch.

i love this idea of using a white t-shirt wrapped around a package and mailing it off. the more i think of it though, i don't know if i would want to walk around with my name and address printed on the front of my shirt. there must be some kind of cool alternative for this.

anyway, i miss having a pen pal. i miss getting letters in the mail. now all i see is money related, netflix, and every once in a while a magazine that i never get a chance to read cover to cover before it gets tossed out.


  1. Looks like someone was inspired by our conversation? I love getting letters in the mail too. I guess to get letters, you should send some letters which is what I'm going to do. Check your mailbox in the coming days!

  2. Email me your address. There's something I've been wanting to do for someone and after reading this post, you're that someone. petite.insanities[at]gmail[dot]com.

    ♥ sécia

  3. Send your address so I can steal your baby! This isn't Janie Noppers Btw!

  4. pen pals are great! I used to have one as well, but we also lost touch :S And I also looooove getting postcards from different places all over the world!

  5. Email me, badcompany77@googlemail.com and check my website out www.greattattoos.net

  6. Just curious did you get the name Penny Laine from the movie Almost Famous, that's my fav movie ever.