tilt | things i love thursday

  • my new camera [canon 7d] has been ordered and will arrive on monday... finally, finally i bit the bullet and placed the order now my anxiety about shelling out the cash has evaporated
  • i'm brainstorming an idea for a photography theme/project which has me pumped up to get out and take pictures. i'll give you a hint, it is directly related to the "curiouser and curiouser" etsy treasury i created yesterday when i thought that my head was going to explode from inspiration overload. [i'm going to do a whole inspiration post about it this weekend].
  • found a writing gig for a site that actually wants me to write about photography, hopefully it works out and they are legit!
  • this picture by karly... because my grandma's name was gladys


  • finally the article that i wrote inspired by dori has been accepted for publication... here's a preview:
How to Find Models: A Guide for Photographers

Finding good models for your photography projects can be extremely tricky, especially if you happen to live in a small town. Sadly, not all of us have beautiful friends willing to sacrifice their time to be the model for your latest photography project idea and you will need to go in search of willing subjects. Below I have listed some methods for finding models for your photography.

Obviously, offering monetary compensation will pique more interest from models than unpaid gigs. If you have a strong concept or a unique style of photography, many models (especially the ones who are just starting to build up their portfolio) will be willing to do TFCD or TFP photo shoots. TFCD is an abbreviation for "Time for CD" meaning you are exchanging a CD or DVD of images for their modeling work. TFP is short for "Time for Prints", these are two acronyms that you will see used all over the place when searching for models and you will find yourself using frequently if you are not already.

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  • oh and i almost forgot that it is thursday and that means we are going to mcdonalds today, yay! i haven't had mcdonalds in like 2 weeks now, i'm having french fry withdrawal!


  1. First, yum to the McDonalds. Second, can't wait to see your inspiration photos with your new camera!

    ♥ sécia

  2. I love inspiration overloads- I swear having a yummy new project is the meaning of life- it's not the distination it's the journey as they say! x

  3. how did i never know that my gladys' cafe picture was featured in here! i guess i'm a bad blog follower. anyway, yay. just stalking your things i love thursday tag and i build my first post.