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[Mona Johannesson in Marie Claire Italia by Bharat Sikka]

alright, mostly photography, business, and photography business related links. i've been hoarding them like a mad woman lately trying to get serious, trying to get official, trying to get some extra income to counteract a couple of big purchases, my new proofing website, and soon hopefully a real website and some business cards.

my friend katie is returning to town so her hubby can finish school so she wants to be my business partner, this is of course very welcome because i'm sure my co-workers, boyfriend, and mother are tired of me bouncing ideas off of them. plus she has an art degree so we are working on branding right now, which is a rough process via e-mail and facebook messages, but we are trying to make it work.

anyways, here are the links...

photo booth related:
  • dime photo booth - examples, setup... trying to figure out how to make a photo booth an option for people to hire me/us for. these guys have an actual booth [neat, but i don't want to have to break it down or buy a huge car to tote it around... hmm, caravan as photo booth?] and they print the photos out on strips so your guests can have a copy in addition to them being posted online
  • prop ideas for your wedding photo booth - yes i wrote this, but now i need to reference it and start accumulating a treasure chest of goodies to help break the ice and make fun photos
business side
and some awesome photography business inspirational blogs
  • sue bryce's blog "in bed with sue"... i found her from her interview on go4pro. i need to browse more of their photographer interviews too
  • photo business tools... great marketing inspiration, i have a whole page doodled out in my notebook of ideas i've taken from this blog.
anyways, this is getting too lengthy so i will wrap it up for now. feel free to share any photography, business, or photography business links, suggestions, etc. with me :]

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