tat-tuesday | more matching couple/best friend tattoos

birds of a feather flock together

you hold the skeleton key to my heart

i know the pieces fit

i keep finding more and more matching tattoos for friends and couples so i thought i would share! i don't think i know anyone i would get a matching tattoo with. my close friends that do have tattoos wouldn't really get the same types of tattoos that i like. maybe one day! i miss having friends that close!

here's the original matching tattoo post that i made


  1. yaaay, new post! :) i love those feather tattoos!

  2. Me and my 2 besties got matching tats only last month: http://baroqueboudoir.blogspot.com/2011/07/pouting-pansies.html


  3. I have matching stars on my foot that I got with my best friend almost 10 years ago. I've since moved to a different state so we rarely see each other but it's my favorite tattoo and I think will be forever.

    ♥ sécia