tilt | things i love thursday

  • taking pictures. the wedding i shot last weekend went smashingly, i almost want to cry looking at the photos because you can just feel the love. it makes editing hard, i'm only about a tenth of the way through. i just want to take pictures, all the time and always. all day every day.
  • growing things of substance in my garden. just took rosemary, sage, and basil to share with my coworkers this week, sharing is nice.
  • brushing my teeth.... seriously, i can't stand dirty teeth. nothing quite like that minty flavor and running your tongue across freshly cleaned teeth.
  • mail! ask and you shall receive... earlier this week i received a telegram from secia of petite insanities :] thank you so much secia, you are too kind! i wish the photo was better, but i had to use my phone to take it.
  • dogs... they are for real the best pets ever. they are super social and don't shit in the house and mine is nice enough to eat all of the food that the baby throws in the floor so i don't have to clean it up.
  • talking to janae on the phone... because we miss her and she doesn't get online often enough!

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  1. OH! It did get to you! YAY. I'm so glad. :)

    ♥ sécia