christmas spirit, christmas wish list

a reminder to everyone... just breathe, try to stay sane during the holiday seasons xoxo
here's most of what is on my amazon.com wishlist right now:

i'm hesitant to even give the link out to family members because most of the stuff that i've had on there in the past has been my ultimate photo gear bookmark with ridiculously expensive items on it, but i have rounded out the list now that it's too close to christmas to ask for things haha.

oh yeah and the rest of my wishlist is for my entire house to be refurnished with ikea things... why can't we have one less than 4 hours away from my house?!  i drool [and cry a little] every time i get a catalog.

what did you ask santa for this year?

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  1. Hopefully I'll also get a Lensbaby Composer for Xmas, I cannot wait! :)