photographer feature: laura makabresku

It's been quite a while since I've done a photographer feature so I'm excited to post this one.  I have loved Laura's work from afar for a while now so I was extremely thrilled when she agreed to answer my questions and allow me to feature her work on Penny Laine!  I feel a little bad because I have held on to this interview for a few weeks, but I have been a very bad blogger.  Thank you so much Laura for this interview, I love your work!

Laura Makabresku



What sparked your interest in photography?
I think that it is darkness in me, that needs to get out, needs to express - this darkness makes the pain which needs to be healed with art. it is a vicious circle. without beginning and ending.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

Do you have any formal education in photography or are you self taught?
No, I've learnt everything by myself.

Is photography your career?
I don't know if it would be right to tell that it is my career. I treat it completely different. Though, I'm happy and proud for every distinction, publication, interview, many of my recent photos ends up not published anywhere, I don't show them to anyone, I even tend to avoid them.

Are you currently working on any photography projects?
I have lots of ideas, but recently there is lots of sadness and passivity in me that I can't break and which block me in realizing any of them. I try to make a video - I have a script, all I need is to get out of home to take first scenes, but... it can't be done. I can't. and it hurts most now.

What is your favorite thing to photograph and why?
every symptoms of sensitivity and darkness. aspecially, I like to take photos of silence hidden in dead animals - these which can be met in forests, on a snow, or stuffed. they hide many of untold tales, which I try to evoke, evolve and tell with my photos. I like to take pictures of my Lad with me - it helps to see yourself from a distance, cut off from a real world - make different, fairy world, only ours.

Where do you find and how do you instruct your models?
Usually it is me and my Lad. but there were few times when I took photos of some people - usually it was people who were close to me in some way, and who now about my "weird things" so they weren't suprised when I told them to make a wound on their body for me. I always tell them a fairy tale which I would like to express in photos. we often drink wine or somehting like that. it's easier this way. darkness and instincts must be set free.

Do you listen to music while you shoot? If so, what is on your photo shoot play list?
I sometimes listen to music when I'm take photos at home. it depends on the mood, but it is rather new wave music, sometimes progressive, psychedelic rock, sometimes jazz. I like music that I know really well, music which means something to me. Examples of more known artists: Doors, Joy Division, Cure, Stranglers, King Crimson, Out of Focus, Gaa, Miles Davis, Horace Silver, Paul Desmond, Glenn Gould, and many, many more.

What is in your camera bag?
Lots of analog cameras - zenits, canons, kiev, etc.

What is your favorite lens and why?
I like prime lenses because they give best blurs and very good sharpness. I aspecially like helios lenses - these are fine piece of work which can be find on ebay at reasonable prices.

Where do you find inspiration?
my imagination sends me many of pictures which ispires me - when sleeping, when in mania time (which, in contrary to depression time, brings really amazing feelings and lets to create without end). beside that.. i'm of course inspired by other photographers and painters, and movie directors. i'm a visual kind of person, so visual things affects me strongest.

What are your future photography goals?
my goal is to make a short movie - photography started to be painful - in the same way as writing poems, that it started to limitate me. imagination is still evolving, wants more and stronger - this is why i seek for new tools. i hope that movie will be that tool.

Three interesting facts about yourself?
my private life is strongly controversial and i try not to talk about it "in public". and i usually say, that i don't have anything in common with me.

What, if anything, do you do to promote your photography?
i think that publishing photos on such websites like flickr, deviantart, tumblr, blogspot or facebook fan page gives a really good chance to promote your art. besides, there are always some kind people, like you, who draw up blogs with art of many people and it does promote.

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