tilt | things i love thursday

  • christmas things...  cookies, hot chocolate, snuggling under warm blankets with my baby, having amazing christmas photos taken by my good friend katie estes, time off from work, everything about christmas [other than the stress of trying to find perfect presents for everyone without spending my life savings]
  • my good friend katie estes moving back to town so i finally have someone to make art and amazing photography with...  her stuff is in her new place, but she won't be living here for over a week and the anticipating is killing me.
  • my photography being shown in places [floyd tattoo and arts gallery in my old hometown floyd, va and the photocopy club exhibit in brighton, uk] and a couple of my photos were featured in the recent food issue of apricot magazine [pg 46-49]
  • the updated version of blogger.  i was using the old version forever and karly and i have a blog together called chaque-semaine and every time i touched it i ruined the whole thing, switched to new blogger and no more issues.
i've been focusing on trying to earn some income on photography lately so sorry i have been absent here..  i have been updating my photography blog but lately it's been mostly family holiday photos.  i'm going to try to be a better blogger i promise!  i have a really amazing photographer feature queued up for next wednesday [december 14].  and now that it's cold i don't want to go outside which means less pictures and more time in front of my computer screen.  christmasy posts coming up soon.

and yes, my boyfriend is more than a foot taller than me and my baby's hair is made out of cotton candy.

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