• led zeppelin - go listen to the "kashmir" station on pandora or the led zeppelin last.fm station. you will thank me. everybody else is listening to christmas music while i'm rocking out. this has also led me to the discovery that auden likes black sabbath.
  • the end of the semester is within sight. my online final exam is due by the 16th. i would have already taken it but it hasn't been posted yet.
  • recycling things and putting things in my compost pile. it makes me smile to not throw things in the trash. if you don't recycle then i hate you, simple as that. it is just as easy as throwing something in the garbage so i don't want to hear any b.s. excuses. obviously i'm pretty anal about it and you should be too unless you want your children to live in a little shack build upon a toxic trash heap.
  • this gif of scarlett johansson:
  • google docs. if you are ever writing something that you are collaborating with someone on, use google docs, you can both work on it at the same time and see what the other person is writing in real time even if you are on the other side of the earth [or sitting side by side]
  • smoke balls, but i can't find any locally so you should send me some
  • my long bear hat from hot topic which has kept my cozy and warm while walking to work across the frozen tundra which is currently blacksburg. the mittens are big enough to fit my phone, camera, and hands into all at the same time. yes it is just as tacky as it looks in the picture, sometimes i forget i am wearing it until someone makes that "no she didn't" face at me.
  • pistachios
  • coffee + nestle mint chocolate hot chocolate mix = my daily breakfast diy minty mocha
hot damn... i am loving a lot of things today, i must be in the christmas spirit!

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  1. I quite like your list :) I'm glad now I know what TILT means!