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  • babetteworld's druzy jewelry which is beautiful and completely out of my price range... also on the list of things that i want for christmas
  • having too much leave at work... i had to take a day off yesterday so i wouldn't lose leave time. it was glorious, just hung around the house playing on tumblr, eating lovely carol lee donuts with my homemade mocha, hanging out with the baby man and my boyfriend.
  • the end of the semester. i took my final exam last night so my classes are officially over with for the semester. not taking anything next semester and i don't know if i will ever go back to virginia tech just because they don't offer anything that i am interested in... we shall see, but the feeling of freedom that i have right now is glorious!
  • to do lists... i'm going to make some a little later today because i am a notorious procrastinator and now that i don't have any school stuff to put off, i need to make sure i get ALL my fun stuff done before i forget about it.

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