its wishlist time!

black milk clothing has the most amazing swimsuits! and they are one piece which makes them even better! shown above: spaceman, pulp sesame, red galaxy, and black ribs.

celeste stein makes some truly unique and amazing tights/leggings/socks. there are SO many [27 pages] print choices, some of my favorites are below. i want the spaceman ones in thigh highs, but i think a floral option might be more practical... and janae really needs troll print tights for sure, i think they made that a print option just for her. sounds like i found her wedding gift!

white fingernail polish

PX600 film from the impossible project so i can finally use the polaroid camera i got a few months back. 8 photos for $20 is kind of steep though and it is silver shade, but i NEED this anyway.

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