rip mr gnome

This gnome does not reside in a garden as many of his cousins do. Once forgotten and left to crumble like autumn leaves or dehydrated rose petals, the gnome has been pieced back together. He gives a thumbs up to let me know that despite a few missing puzzle pieces he is doing just fine. A slight discoloration and an added sheen retraces the footsteps of the super glue that helped make him whole again.

Earlier in my life, the gnome would accompany me on adventures and appeared in many of my vacation photographs. His agenda was carefully constructed. At times his lifestyle mimicked that of the garden gnome in Amelie and the Travelocity gnome.

i wrote that years ago. then on february 7, 2011 i had him in my hand, in two pieces getting ready to glue him back together again when i stumbled and dropped him. my gnome broke into tiny pieces and i decided it was his time. he lived a good life, i had to let him go. :[

RIP Mr. Gnome

August 2002-February 2011

Gone, but not forgotten

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