• the entire irregular choice ss2011 lookbook from i love wildfox [the photo above is from this set]
  • taking "mental health days" off from work [which i doing today]
  • photo adventures - hopefully going to take photos at wal mart tonight with janae. i need more friends. people who like to take pictures and people who like to have their picture taken. so if you live near virginia tech and you are interested leave me a comment on this post.
  • the idea of having a room that is my studio/office instead of the huge pile of shit hoarder room that it currently is. tuesday night i donated 2 vaccumes and 2 big boxes of stuff to goodwill. it barely made a dent, but at least i can walk into the room now. two of the best things i donated: an amazing pair of combat boots that i only wore twice and a neon naked lady sign that said "open" on it. if you live in blacksburg you better get your ass to the goodwill next to food lion and go get the treasures i just donated!

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