jesse jo stark performing "angel from montgomery"... from what i have read about her, she seems like a cool chick.

google art project - it is really nice to be able to look at masterpieces from many museums across the world while sitting in front of your computer.

buying myself stuff off my wishlist
  • a new car - mercury sable
  • holga split image filters
  • holga lens and filter holder - which i'm not entirely convinced is going to work over my dslr lens, but where there is a will there is a way. i might have to purchase a holga lens for my canon.
  • 5 pound kettlebell - because i'm going to lose all the baby weight and then some before auden turns 1. i was surprised by how much that kettlebell workout kicked my ass even after only 10 minutes... and there i thought that 5 pounds wasn't going to be heavy enough.
  • led zeppelin | mothership
freebies - if you already use snapfish, you just need to order $10+ worth of stuff and you can get two free 2x3 mini-books, if you aren’t a member, you can sign up and get 50 free prints too. check out the details here. this snapfish coupon code expires on valentines day.

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