my summer to-do list

feeling inspired by prettier world's summer to-do list of things to before labor day so i decided i would make my own...
  1. get photography business cards
  2. art at the market... apply, prepare for, and actually participate in
  3. go to a beach
  4. hit my goal weight
  5. photograph a wedding
  6. photograph a stranger then turn that stranger into a new friend
  7. have a yard sale
  8. write a short story
  9. put together photography portfolio
  10. set up a print shop
and since most of those are photography related goals i figured i might as well use one of my own images for the header this time.

what do you want to get accomplished this summer?


  1. Glad to spread the summe love, Holly! A yard sale is a great idea, and I love the one of turning a photo subject into a friend :)

  2. Sounds like a fun summer. Good luck in reaching your goals.