window shopping @ urban outfitters

sparkle & fade paperbag short $48

p.s. i lost 25 pounds so far this year on weight watchers. it's the first summer in YEARS that i have ever had shorts on my wish list [even if they are highly inappropriate for work and make illiterate boys hit on me]!

sparkle and fade pleated chiffon miniskirt in pink [because i have always wanted to be a ballerina] $49

i have loved urban outfitters since i was in high school... dare i admit now that was like 8 years ago. ugh. anyways, these are just some of the clothes i want from there right now, i'm going to have to do a whole separate post later this week for apartment items. i wish i lived closer to an urban outfitters ugh!

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  1. I want those shoes!

    ♥ sécia