tilt | things i love thursday

  • playing in the garden. i've been spending so much time with my flowers this year. the part that makes me the most happy about it is that i've only bout a handful of flowers, most of them have been started by me from seeds and clippings and plants make me so much happier when i get to see them grow from babies!

this is my neighbor's allium plant... it's like a giant purple dandelion and i love them. if you have any wisteria seeds i will happily trade you some allium seeds and/or some lavender seeds [when they turn to seed]. for real, i'm in desperation for some wisteria seeds people!
  • when people "like" my facebook page for my photography
  • days off from work... which i will be getting a whole weeks worth from july 11-15 and i hope to get a lot of picture taking and fun activities squeezed into that week
  • the salem fair... not that i've been yet this year, but the plans are in the works
  • there's only one more month till my birthday, fuck yes!
  • using my pinterest boards to coordinate photoshoots. i love being able to send a link to someone i'm about to take pictures of so i can get an idea of what they want to get out of the shoot and so they have some ideas for photos other than what they would get at the sears portrait studio.
  • this quote:
    life is like photography. you use the negatives to develop.
leave me some fun comments please, some links, some ideas, some inspiration, whatever. ideas for things to do with my glorious week off from my mind numbing day job!

oh and dori, if you are reading this, i got your comment and i'm going to write a big huge long bit of advice in response to your question, but it will take me a little while to get it all together!


  1. oh, thankies, i'm so happy! =)

    p.s.: I loooove the alium plant. and chewing gum :)