tilt | things i love thursday

summer is officially here... and if that isn't something to love, i don't know what is! i dream of going to the beach this summer and if we could make it to florida that would be even better, but we haven't started making any vacation plans yet.

here's some things i'm loving this week:

art student owl... they always crack me up and i if i could go back in time to high school i would have went to art school despite being discouraged and told artists don't make any money. because who really cares if you don't make a fortune if you love your work and have pride in it. thanks for the advice guidance counselors, you suck! shit, that wasn't positive, sorry.

essie's nice is nice... i finally see what all the fuss about essie nail polishes is. this stuff stayed on flawlessly for a week and a half which is better luck than i have ever had with a nail polish. seriously, i garden, take care of a toddler, and swim, i'm usually lucky if my polish stays on for one day. plus this shade of lavender is perfection and it looks great against my skin tone.

jeans that fit... i've lost 25 pounds this year. and nearly 50 from what i weighed when i was pregnant last may. this week i finally bought a pair of pants that fit me and i was extremely happy to see what size i am now!

anthropologie plates... well anthropologie anything really. get in my freakin life. these are the natural world dessert plates and ladies-in-waiting dinner plates.

and some awesome links that i have bookmarked this week. mostly diy and photography stuff:
i also made a facebook page for my photography this week. which apparently i should have done long ago because within minutes of creating the page i got a gig lined up for this weekend. plus it's way easier to share photos there than trying to coax people to my tumblr.


  1. Love this post! LOL at the art school comment. Hell yeah, sista. Oh and congrats on the weight loss. Awesome.

    ♥ sécia

  2. LOVE all of this! especially the purple nail polish. that is just so lovely!

  3. I like your facial expressions