happy 2010

happy new years from penny laine
be safe


ho ho ho

merry christmas from penny laine

and happy other wintery holidays too!


etsy love: bunny X productions

bunny X productions by societysedso has some really amazing, unique pieces. A friend of mine told me a big no when I showed her the tentacle necklace pictured above, but I still insist it's a big yes! Even if the tentacle necklaces are a little too out there for you, there are some cute heart necklaces [including one inspired by Tiffany and Co. pictured above], trinket boxes, and more... plus you can request a custom product.


etsy love: wedding so sweet

Frequently after weddings, beer and soda cans are tied to the back of the bride and groom's car. Great tradition, horrible aesthetic, luckily Wedding So Sweet has come up with a solution for this problem with their all white cans [uncrushed, even better] that are strung together with ribbon for a much more beautiful car decoration. They also provide "Just Married" wreathes for cars and ribbon sticks.