the friday editorial: bapteme en diable

images from vogue paris december 2006/january 2007

model: coco rocha
photographer: terry richardson


tilt [things i love thursday]

[image via rumplestiltskin-]
  • that excited feeling you get after you mail off a roll of film to be developed
  • this charlotte russe dress which will hopefully be mine at the end of this week
  • hazelnut coffee
  • 12 Cheap Valentine's Date Ideas - lots of them are free ideas. i want to take a bunch of cute valentine's day related photos... not much time left though!


i have the tattoo itch

i can feel it, it is almost time for me to get a new tattoo. i have in my head what i think i want that diamond with cats in each facet [as pictured above] on the inside of my elbow. the boyfriend says it is a horrible idea, but i have been wanting this one for over a year so how much more thought do i really need to put into it?

apparently my brother is starting a tattoo apprenticeship... i have never been a fan of his tattoos, but perhaps after he gets some training i would make him my go-to tattoo guy.

more tattoo lovins for you guys:

model bambi northwood-blyth has an adorable little bambi tattoo on her wrist, how appropriate.

i love swampy tattoos

i have 1985 on the back of my neck so this one is near and dear to my heart, and my brother has a matching one that says 1988

lindsay lohan's "la bella vita" tattoo, italian for "the beautiful life", photo by ellen von unwerth

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book and print giveaway winner

[image by erin kennedy]

there were 65 entries... and the winner of this past weekend's book and print giveaway was Kjovus - My Life with Books


book and print giveaway

hey you guys, it is time for my second giveaway here on penny laine. this time up for grabs are 4x6 prints of each of the top two photos and a paperback copy of women of the silk: a novel by gail tsukiyama.

how to enter:
  • leave a comment with your e-mail address
how to get extra entries [make sure you include +whatever with your comment]
  • become a follower [or already be one]
  • blog/tweet/share somewhere about this giveaway [provide a link(s), you can share multiple ways and get an entry for each]
  • tell me what your favorite item is on my list of 50+ photography theme ideas
  • next time i do a book and print giveaway [around valentine's day], what would you like me to giveaway prints of? something you would actually hang up in your house/office/whatever?

this giveaway is part of the dreaming of books giveaway hop. the winner will be chosen on january 18. check out the giveaway hop homepage for links to 181 more giveaways to enter this weekend - we all know you are snowed in anyways!



freaks and geeks
my new ergo baby carrier
going to the thrift store today with janae
swimming at the indoor pool when there is snow on the ground

giveaways... come back here tomorrow bc i will be giving a lil somethin away.



i love balloons

i love naps... big comfy pillow top beds with cozy comforters

i love my little man auden who is 8 months old today

and i love reading llama llama misses mama to mr. auden. it rhymes quite nicely, i fully intend on getting the rest of the series.


window shopping: new years resolution edition

my new years resolutions basically covered:
  1. project 365 [take at least one photo every day for the entire year - that asti bottle pictured above is my photo for day 4]
  2. additional photography stuff yet to be defined, but something along the lines of
    1. shoot x amount of bands
    2. shoot x amount of portrait sessions
    3. shoot x amount of weddings
  3. lose weight - duh, who doesn't have this resolution every single year?
  4. read at least one book per month
so accordingly here is my wish list to help me out with my new years resolutions

photography stuff:
weight loss stuff:

and as far as books go, there are tons that i want, but mainly this one:
popular penguin breakfast at tiffany's by truman capote. love the movie, now i want to read the book.

Please Include Attribution to OnlineEducation.net With This Graphic Setting Goals Infographic


photographer feature: fabrizio mingarelli

How old are you?

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I come from Italy and I’m currently based in Rome

When did you discover your interest in photography?
When my parents bought me my first camera, a digital Kodak creepy camera. I was just 14.

Who/what influenced you to be a photographer?
So many people/photographers influenced me, but I become a photographer to express what I wasn't able to say with words at first.

Who are some photographers that you like that inspire you?
Yes a lot like Hedi Slimane, Ryan McGinley, Lina Scheynius, and Corinne Day, but there are more.

Do you have/are you working on a degree in photography or are you self taught?
I’m a self taught.

Is photography your career? If not do you plan on turning it into your career some day?
I hope so, I really want to be a photographer and spend my days taking pics and get paid for this, it would be amazing, but I know it's hard to become a famous photographer so I’m studying art and architecture in Rome.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?
I like people with long hair, buildings, faces, but I don't really have a fav subject everything can give me emotions so it's all about my mood.

Where do you find and how do you instruct your models?
Ah they aren't real models they are my friends or perfect strangers, I like meet people and taking photographs of them

Do you listen to music while you shoot? If so, what is on your photo shoot play list?
I often listen to m83, joy division, fever ray, crystal castles, xiu xiu and many more.

Can you list off all of your photography equipment and which of these items you use most often?
I mostly use a Canon EOS 400d for my digital works and a Pentax K1000 for my analog ones.

What inspires you?
The youthness, nice things

Do you think that the price of the camera affects the quality of the pictures that it takes?
No definitely not.

Do you believe that film photography will be replaced by digital photography?
No never, film photography is def the one and only, digital is just a different way to take photographs.

Do you have any advice for someone who is aspiring to become a photographer?
Just be yourself, listen good music e start walking alone through the city.

Thoughts on post-processing. What software do you use if any?
Sometimes for my digital shots I use Photoshop CS3.

Are you wearing socks right now?

Last food that you ate?

Do you like to sing in the shower?
Yes who doesn't aha

See more of Fabrizio Mingarelli here:
Flickr | Portfolio