i'm sick, been sick since last week, boo on that. the baby is sick too but since he can't really talk he can't tell me what's wrong so i can't do much to help him.

my friend sarah lives out of town, today she popped in unexpectedly after i had left work early [for being sick]. she's always a willing model so i got started on a little 35mm project based around books.

anyways oh shiz, the baby is finally taking a nap so i'm going to seize the opportunity to do the same.


tilt | things i love thursday

  • good gifting... my boyfriend's birthday is next saturday. once upon a time i had a bunny named charlotte and she liked to chew cords. she chewed through two of my boyfriend's lava lamp cords [he was just my roommate at that time]. so i've decided for his birthday he is getting a replacement. also he was obsessing over the coffee mugs a few months ago, i like to give him a while to forget that he wanted something then buy it for him as a gift :]
Lava Lite 2116-4002 Classic Lava Lamp, 14-1/2-Inch, Black/Clear

Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Insulated 10-Ounce Glass Mug, Set of 2

  • that floaty feeling you get right before a bad cold [but not the cold that i know will be here shortly since i've been floating and rambling and not knowing what's going on like a crazy person for 2-3 days already]


books | fine art wedding photography by jose villa

Fine Art Wedding Photography: How to Capture Images with Style for the Modern Bride by jose villa and jeff kent

i just finished reading this book last night. it inspired me to dust off my 35mm slr which i haven't used since sometime in the spring. now i'm dying to shoot another wedding to try out the new things that i've learned and i want to do at least part of said wedding on film. [any takers?]

i've been drooling over jose villa's photography for years now so i just HAD to have the book providing some of his secrets. my favorite part is about coaxing a natural, relaxed pose out of the bride and groom. anyways, if you are at all interested in wedding photography, film photography, or portrait photography you should definitely pick up this book ASAP. i'll probably start re-reading mine tonight even.


also, did i ever mention that i bought my domain name hollycromerphoto.com and a new photography blog? my tumblr just seemed unprofessional and i couldn't get the layout the way i wanted it.



seeing stars

pickin' me a bouquet of dogwood flowers...
[old crow medicine show]

maybe i just want the waffle and coffee... i'm going to guess that tattoo says something along the lines of cake or bake maybe make.


lydia deetz from beetlejuice halloween costume

Lydia Deetz of Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Lydia Deetz is the moody, angst ridden teen daughter in the Beetlejuice movie and TV series. This hilarious "goth girl" is still a great choice for your Halloween costume. This is the perfect last minute Halloween costume because it takes very little effort to put together with maximum impact. Check out the photos below for reference to choose your favorite Lydia look. Check out the Deetz [no, I'm so not sorry for the bad pun]:

Lydia Deetz Costume Supplies
-Black camera [I love the Holga 135 because it is lightweight]
-Dress [keep it black or red with a goth feel]
-Black boots
-Black hat
-Black stockings
-Black nail polish

Lydia Deetz Costume Hair
Lydia Deetz has jet black hair, if you don't have it you can always fake it with a black wig or spray in hair color.

Lydia Deetz Costume Make Up
In the movie, Lydia's makeup was pretty much nonexistent... Black eyeliner and black mascara and you are good to go. If you want to glam it up a little bit, do a smokey eyeshadow and add some fake eyelashes. Or you could follow this makeup tutorial [that's not me in case you were wondering, I didn't make this video]:

Lydia Deetz Costume Reference Materials


alex delarge "a clockwork orange" (1971) halloween costume

how to dress up as alex delarge from a clockwork orange for halloween

alex delarge is an awesome last minute halloween costume. for the most part you need a lot of white clothes, white suspenders, and a hat. once all the pre-fab halloween costumes have flown off the shelf, you will still be able to find all the components that you need to dress up as alex delarge or one of the other ultraviolent droogs from a clockwork orange for halloween. makes a great group costume and even looks kind of cute on kids [reference below]. supplies:


glue globber

for some reason on saturday i felt the need to destroy some magazines and make a couple collages. the top one with the ice cream/chocolate was done on saturday, the black and white series and the snow white one were all done a really long time ago, more than 3 years, just finally decided to dig them out of storage and digitize them.

nautical themed collage coming soonish.


black and white

mary kate olsen or ashley olsen, sometimes i have a hard time telling them apart and i think black and white makes it even more difficult.

karlie kloss

michael donovan for vision china

rosie huntington-whiteley [*i think*]

martha streck by anthony maule

months ago i bought 4 rolls of c41 process black and white film and a roll of revolog tesla 1 film. i haven't used any of them yet! i have a lot of anxiety about messing up "special" film and i want to pre-plan out every single exposure to make sure i get the best use of it. stupid idea, i'm well aware, i think i had thought out one specific shot for the tesla film and then never wrote it down, now that's forgotten and i'm back to square one. i need to just load it up and shoot it already before the weather gets glum and there are less interesting things to shoot [plus i hate going out in the cold].


7 things

[ballet feet by jules falk hunter]

this was completely stolen from secia... i need to unwind for a minute before i lose my mind and this seems like a good way.

7 places i would like to visit
  1. france
  2. italy
  3. iceland
  4. japan
  5. hawaii
  6. california
  7. vegas
and many many more places... i don't have much traveling under my belt yet unfortunately

7 things i would like to make
  1. iconic photography
  2. pretty paintings
  3. a fiction book
  4. a book of photos
  5. a clean, well designed, well organized home
  6. an epic garden with tons of fruits, veggies, and herbs on hand at all times
  7. lots and lots of money doing what i love [taking pictures]
7 people [dead or alive] i would like to meet
  1. jude law
  2. jose villa
  3. linda mccartney
  4. leighton meester
7 things i would like to own
  1. my house outright [pay it off]
  2. a french bulldog puppy
  3. an old vw bus [working condition and fully furnished]
  4. an in ground pool
  5. an unlimited amount of 35mm film and free developing vouchers
  6. a negative scanner
  7. a canon 5d mark ii w/ a set of high end prime lenses
7 things that annoy me
  1. my day job
  2. paying for insurance, i'm running away to canada or some place in europe
  3. 90% of the people i went to school with
  4. facebook
  5. when my boyfriend puts away the dishes, but not the silverware and then puts dirty silverware in with the clean so i have no forks or spoons to eat with
  6. my apparent a.d.d.
  7. how long it has been since i've had a paying photo gig
  8. people riding their bikes on the sidewalk
7 films i love
  1. marie antoinette [just to play in the background, the story is too slow for me, but visually it's the most beautiful thing ever]
  2. harry potter [all of them, i'm newly converted]
  3. dirty dancing
  4. i love you man
  5. forgetting sarah marshall
  6. american psycho
  7. across the universe

7 funny words

i'm stumped, because i think all words are funny after you say them about 5 times in a row they seem to stop making sense... so i'm going to do my 7 FAVORITE words instead
  1. lovely [all time favorite]
  2. ethereal
  3. patina
  4. veranda
ok i didn't make it to 7 for most of these things, but it was supposed to be relaxing and i don't want to stress myself out trying to come up with more so there! :]


marie antoinette

long story short... in a couple of weeks i am hosting a thirty-one party. my friend that is the consultant keeps telling me i need to have a theme. all i knew was i wanted french macaroons and champagne popsicles [see pic below] and maybe some pizza too since it's around dinner time.

AND i have some cake mix that i need to use up so i thought hey "let them eat cake", marie antoinette themed party. and now it has gotten out of control in my head and i need to tone it down a bit. i have this urge to go all out and do a marie antoinette themed photo booth and blah blah blah, then i know nobody who goes will really "get it" or be dressed up or anything so, i should have just made it a pizza party theme ha.

get a little marie antoinette wig action going on for the photo booth and some masks... maybe play sofia coppola's marie antoinette on low volume in the background.


happy labor day!

it's chilly and rainy here today, but i don't mind. i need to get some thigh high socks though, my long time favorite j. crew ones have a few holes in them... the taller the socks i wear with my rain boots, the more comfy they are plus the taller the socks, the more sexy i feel, even if they are hidden under my jeans.

i hate to think that summer is now unofficially over, but i am looking forward to pumpkin pie and halloween!


book it | love my indie

i have a tendency to be slightly a.d.d. and i'm pretty sure that i never mentioned a guest post that i did forever ago [more than 2 months]. it was about a new local independent bookstore in my town that i shared over at actin' up with books which is my friend joli's blog.

  1. go check out what i wrote
  2. submit your own guest post showing love for your local independent book store. if your town is much like ours, they are quickly becoming extinct so be sure to show your appreciation for them! and also because doing guest posts is fun.