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road trip

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Heather (by Derek Wood Photography)

i've always wanted to drive across the country on a road trip with no definite end date, just drive, come and go as i please, no need for maps or directions, just go where the wind blows. 

it hardly seems like a tangible idea now that i have a child, if i'm going to try it i guess i would need to do that before he turns 5 and starts school.  stupid economy, why does gas (and everything else) have to be so damn expensive.



this guy loves bambi [via]
love this groom's moon and sun tattoos so much [via]


signs of spring

some of my happy floral spring time photos from last year... actually the first one in this post of the crocus flowers is from this year.

35mm scans (c) Holly Cromer



creepy lady face, but i'm digging it [via]
birds of a feather [via]
"death will tremble to take us" - charles bukowski [via]
henry darger wrist cuff [via]
one world knuckles [via]