tilt | things i love thursday: earth day edition

joli told me that i should include more of my own photography here so i made sure to throw in some of my most springy, earth day-ish photos from my last couple rolls of film :]

here are some things i love this thursday that are green in honor of earth day tomorrow!
  • turning off the lights when i leave a room [this includes the restrooms at work]
  • recycling
  • the solar panel and energy star appliances in my house
  • composting things instead of throwing them away. less trash and after a while you have the most amazing super soil at your disposal. we have the earth machine which came with our house, but you can make one out of an old trash can... did you know you could compost this stuff?
  1. rabbit poo [rabbits are seriously THE most eco-friendly pet, read more about it HERE]
  2. news paper, junk mail, paper towels, and any other non-glossy paper
  3. drier lint
  4. coffee grounds and the filter
  5. the obvious stuff: old fruit, veggies, expired bread... just about anything other than meat and other fatty items and poo from other household pets [other than rabbits]
  • my recycled coffee mug [which is also recyclable]
  • walking to work instead of driving
  • planting herbs and veggies in my yard + the cherry tree in our back yard
  • reading magazines online instead of the print version [or on our nook color]
  • donating prints to the virginia tech environmental coalition... if you are in blacksburg, friday there is a silent art auction between squires student center and the graduate life center at donaldson brown on the virginia tech campus. the proceeds are for the environmental coalition on campus. i donated a stack of 4x6 prints and they have donations from many other artists and local businesses. come by and check it out between 10am and 4pm on april 22! you can find more information on the facebook event.


  1. Your pictures make me happy and remind me that I need to get outside with my own camera more often <3

  2. I love those boots!!!

    ♥ sécia