tilt | things i love thursday

[image via laura zalenga]
  • tee pees and forts... this one is the ships and maps tipi by littlebyjenny

  • fortune cookie coin purse from diana eng - combining two of my favorite things: money and chinese food

  • seersucker

  • audio bullys and nancy sinatra | shot me down... and the "shiny disco balls" pandora station which makes me want to dance and therefore makes me more productive at work.
  • other lovely things: the new tesla 1 film, 4 rolls of black and white c-41 process film, and canon dslr holga lens that i got from four corner store this week; paying off my credit card; cajun chicken alfredo that backstreets made me even though it wasn't on the menu; sunny days; and my little baby man can walk now!


  1. this is the happiest and summeriest post (my statement is based completely on the first two photos and the seersucker swatch). LOVE!

  2. (oh and i just read the last bullet point...more YAY!)