tilt | things i love thursday

my bunny finally found a new home with two little girls who will give her much more love and attention than i ever could... plus they are planning on changing her name to sparkles [or maybe sprinkles] which is much nicer than charlotte. it's like she is getting a whole new beginning!

over the knee socks


butter toffee flavored blue diamond almonds... the wasabi and soy sauce flavored ones are also good and from what i saw on their website apparently they make them in chili and lim

this video for "ah!" by oval rocks my world... for the ballerina i never was [tiny violin]... movement, imagery, dirty floor, love it so much

getting out of town this weekend to go to washington dc... i'm going to go shopping at h&m and ikea for the first time ever and i'm SO excited!


  1. Wow to that video... wow.

    ♥ sécia

  2. cute skirt!
    i have a simiarish one from allsaints that weights about 6lbs lol
    love your list


  3. the picture of the skirt is beautiful, with he reflection on the wall.