7 things

[ballet feet by jules falk hunter]

this was completely stolen from secia... i need to unwind for a minute before i lose my mind and this seems like a good way.

7 places i would like to visit
  1. france
  2. italy
  3. iceland
  4. japan
  5. hawaii
  6. california
  7. vegas
and many many more places... i don't have much traveling under my belt yet unfortunately

7 things i would like to make
  1. iconic photography
  2. pretty paintings
  3. a fiction book
  4. a book of photos
  5. a clean, well designed, well organized home
  6. an epic garden with tons of fruits, veggies, and herbs on hand at all times
  7. lots and lots of money doing what i love [taking pictures]
7 people [dead or alive] i would like to meet
  1. jude law
  2. jose villa
  3. linda mccartney
  4. leighton meester
7 things i would like to own
  1. my house outright [pay it off]
  2. a french bulldog puppy
  3. an old vw bus [working condition and fully furnished]
  4. an in ground pool
  5. an unlimited amount of 35mm film and free developing vouchers
  6. a negative scanner
  7. a canon 5d mark ii w/ a set of high end prime lenses
7 things that annoy me
  1. my day job
  2. paying for insurance, i'm running away to canada or some place in europe
  3. 90% of the people i went to school with
  4. facebook
  5. when my boyfriend puts away the dishes, but not the silverware and then puts dirty silverware in with the clean so i have no forks or spoons to eat with
  6. my apparent a.d.d.
  7. how long it has been since i've had a paying photo gig
  8. people riding their bikes on the sidewalk
7 films i love
  1. marie antoinette [just to play in the background, the story is too slow for me, but visually it's the most beautiful thing ever]
  2. harry potter [all of them, i'm newly converted]
  3. dirty dancing
  4. i love you man
  5. forgetting sarah marshall
  6. american psycho
  7. across the universe

7 funny words

i'm stumped, because i think all words are funny after you say them about 5 times in a row they seem to stop making sense... so i'm going to do my 7 FAVORITE words instead
  1. lovely [all time favorite]
  2. ethereal
  3. patina
  4. veranda
ok i didn't make it to 7 for most of these things, but it was supposed to be relaxing and i don't want to stress myself out trying to come up with more so there! :]


  1. Your "annoy me" list is awesome. I'm totally in violation of no. 8 when on busy streets but 1) I don't want to die by the crazy California drivers and 2) I always give the slow people (walkers) the right of way. Does that vindicate me? Oh, and I love that that list made it to 8. ;)

    ♥ sécia

  2. :O you like harry potter now! it's hard not to like (but the books are better :D)