black and white

mary kate olsen or ashley olsen, sometimes i have a hard time telling them apart and i think black and white makes it even more difficult.

karlie kloss

michael donovan for vision china

rosie huntington-whiteley [*i think*]

martha streck by anthony maule

months ago i bought 4 rolls of c41 process black and white film and a roll of revolog tesla 1 film. i haven't used any of them yet! i have a lot of anxiety about messing up "special" film and i want to pre-plan out every single exposure to make sure i get the best use of it. stupid idea, i'm well aware, i think i had thought out one specific shot for the tesla film and then never wrote it down, now that's forgotten and i'm back to square one. i need to just load it up and shoot it already before the weather gets glum and there are less interesting things to shoot [plus i hate going out in the cold].


  1. I LOVE c41 film. Seriously my favorite. Can't wait for you to shoot it so I can see what you do with it. :)

    ♥ sécia

  2. oh, that 2nd picture. I wish I'd shoot that.