book it | love my indie

i have a tendency to be slightly a.d.d. and i'm pretty sure that i never mentioned a guest post that i did forever ago [more than 2 months]. it was about a new local independent bookstore in my town that i shared over at actin' up with books which is my friend joli's blog.

  1. go check out what i wrote
  2. submit your own guest post showing love for your local independent book store. if your town is much like ours, they are quickly becoming extinct so be sure to show your appreciation for them! and also because doing guest posts is fun.


  1. I love used bookstores. My husband told me the other day that he will never buy a book again now that he has the new iPad I bought him for his birthday. I died a little inside but then remembered that he doesn't really read!

    ♥ sécia