marie antoinette

long story short... in a couple of weeks i am hosting a thirty-one party. my friend that is the consultant keeps telling me i need to have a theme. all i knew was i wanted french macaroons and champagne popsicles [see pic below] and maybe some pizza too since it's around dinner time.

AND i have some cake mix that i need to use up so i thought hey "let them eat cake", marie antoinette themed party. and now it has gotten out of control in my head and i need to tone it down a bit. i have this urge to go all out and do a marie antoinette themed photo booth and blah blah blah, then i know nobody who goes will really "get it" or be dressed up or anything so, i should have just made it a pizza party theme ha.

get a little marie antoinette wig action going on for the photo booth and some masks... maybe play sofia coppola's marie antoinette on low volume in the background.


  1. Brilliant. I'm loving those champagne popsicles!

    ♥ sécia

  2. Fabulous images. That first one with the black lace mask really caught my eye.