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Fine Art Wedding Photography: How to Capture Images with Style for the Modern Bride by jose villa and jeff kent

i just finished reading this book last night. it inspired me to dust off my 35mm slr which i haven't used since sometime in the spring. now i'm dying to shoot another wedding to try out the new things that i've learned and i want to do at least part of said wedding on film. [any takers?]

i've been drooling over jose villa's photography for years now so i just HAD to have the book providing some of his secrets. my favorite part is about coaxing a natural, relaxed pose out of the bride and groom. anyways, if you are at all interested in wedding photography, film photography, or portrait photography you should definitely pick up this book ASAP. i'll probably start re-reading mine tonight even.


also, did i ever mention that i bought my domain name hollycromerphoto.com and a new photography blog? my tumblr just seemed unprofessional and i couldn't get the layout the way i wanted it.


  1. glad you loved it! He is a good guy and does great work!

  2. I feel that reading books always great. It gives something new to you.Hope that this book make you to give your best.

  3. I have no words… Absolutely gorgeous photos

  4. Wow is just the simple word that may explain that how much I liked it. It was nicely stuffed with the material I was looking for. It is great to be here though by chance.
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