felix mendelssohn and his bust

a few months ago janae of somewhatcouture and i went to the ymca thrift store to search for hidden treasures. you know that feeling when you see something that is completely unnecessary yet you know for a fact that your life would not be complete until you acquire it? that's exactly how i felt about this bust of composer felix mendelssohn. at a steep $5.98 it was the only purchase that i made that day.

my original plan was to clean him up and paint him hot pink. my boyfriend talked me out of it, but i still feel like it would be a fun way to make him stand out a bit more. here's his before shot [the after shot is of course the one above]:

what do you think should he be rendered a different color? neon pink... metallic blue... just fine the way he is?

by the way felix mendelssohn wrote the wedding march which i did not know until i went home and did a little google search for him. i originally thought he might have been some kind of civil war creeper with those chops!


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  1. I forgot about buying him! I am looking for a plastic horse to spray paint black. Thank you for the mention!