polyvore play: clark kent superman halloween costume

superman clark kent halloween costume
yes even women can dress up as clark kent for halloween! these instructions can also translate into a great halloween costume for children and babies.
edited to add - this was featured on polyvore's blog!

Clark Kent is a great women or men's Halloween costume. You can save money if you already have long enough hair, a blue t-shirt, a suit, and some glasses on hand. There aren't a lot of items you need to put this costume together, you can add as many or as few accessories to set off the look as you would like. This is a great costume for any Halloween party and you will need to do little to no shopping and still have a great creative costume. For additional inspiration when putting your costume together, check out this image of Superman and Clark Kent from dialbforblog.com.
Superman Clark Kent Halloween Costume: Materials
Superman logo t-shirt
Button up shirt
Suit - pants and jacket
Superman hair
Dress shoes
Fedora (optional)
Superman Clark Kent Halloween Costume: Clothing
Start with a Superman logo t-shirt. If you don't have one of these, you can print and use this Superman logo pinned to a blue t-shirt. Put on a white button up shirt, leave some of the buttons unbuttoned so that the Superman symbol will show or you can easily pull it open to show people the Superman symbol when they ask what your costume is. Put on your suit jacket and pants and you are all dressed up as Superman's alter ego Clark Kent
Superman Clark Kent Halloween Costume: Hair
Superman and Clark Kent have black hair that is parted down the right side and styled with gel. If you don't already have the appropriate hair that you need for this costume, you can find a rubber Superman wig from Hollywood Toys & Costumes for $11.99 or a more real looking Clark Kent costume wig from Doctored Locks for $27.95.
Superman Clark Kent Halloween Costume: Accessories
The number one, must have accessory for your Clark Kent costume is a pair of glasses. If you don't already wear glasses, pick up a pair at your local thrift store, dollar store, or WalMart and pop the lenses out of them. You will also need a pair of nice dress shoes to go along with your suit. A great optional accessory to pull off the look of Clark Kent is a fedora hat that is grey or matches your suit. Other optional accessories include a tie, a briefcase, a notepad and pencil in your jacket pocket, and/or a copy of a newspaper since Clark Kent was a reporter for the Daily Planet.


  1. I might actually use this idea! It can be sexy without being immodest! Great post!

  2. I love this idea, very sexy yet ellegant :)