wednesday addams halloween costume

How to Dress up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween

Wednesday Addams is the only daughter of the Addams Family, the creepiest family on the block.

Wednesday Addams Costume Supplies
-Dress [keep it black with a goth feel], bonus points if it has a white collar
-Black Mary Janes/boots
-Black stockings
-Black nail polish
-Creepy bald babydoll
-Giant [fake please] knife

Wednesday Addams Costume Hair
Wednesday Addams has jet black hair, if you don't have it you can always fake it with a black wig or spray in hair color. Wear it in pigtail braids on either side of your head.

Wednesday Addams Costume Make Up
In the movies, Wednesday's makeup was pretty much nonexistent... Black eyeliner and black mascara and you are good to go. If you want to glam it up a little bit, do a smokey eyeshadow and add some fake eyelashes.

Wednesday Addams Costume Photos/Reference Materials...

i mean, seriously. who did not love christina ricci as wednesday addams? this is such a great halloween costume, easy to pull off and the clothing items that you need for it can be worn year round!

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