twice owned tuesday: my canon elan iie

this is my canon elan iie. i bought it off of ebay a couple weeks ago. i had been looking for a good slr camera that would be compatabile with the lenses for my canon rebel xti. i think i got an amazing deal for $40. the previous owner kept it in really amazing condition.
here are some photos i took with my first roll of film that i put through my canon elan iie...

blueberry beer... down the hill from my house. this has been sitting there for at least a month now.

tibetan prayer flags in downtown blacksburg

halloween costume display at xanadu in downtown blacksburg. wilma flinstone and betty rubble.
and some pink balloons. i'm very happy with the results. i madly love my new camera!


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  1. So pretty! I didn't know what the flags were for. My neighbors have those up! Thanks for posting!